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About Ass Magic

After racing bikes all over the world over the past ten years and using many different brands of chamois cream, Chris had not quite found the chamois cream which worked for him. So, he set out creating his own one.

The initial steps saw Chris mixing different essential oils into a tub of baby bum cream for his own personal use. After months of trying different recipes, Chris finally discovered the magic formula and ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream was born. Saddle sores had become a thing of the past! Further development and testing was done with Dr Du Plessis to refine and continually improve ASS MAGIC.

ASS MAGIC is made from a lanolin based cream. The base cream is blended with the secret magic combination of essential oils and Zinc Oxide. Each essential oil is included for a specific reason due to the properties which they possess.

This ensures the cream protects against chafing, is anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal (ie. no funky stuff will grow on your ass) and basically just makes you ride your bike faster… What’s not to love?