A muddy affair at the 2024 Ardennes Trophy in La Reid

While the Ardennes Trophy in La Reid wasn’t due to have any big stars at the start line this year, the attendance was still a strong one.

The 3rd round of the Belgian Ardennes Marathon Series was a muddy affair, with persistent rain ahead of the event creating route havoc.

Mountainbike Team rider Teus Ruijter, winner of the Hard'n Marathon which took place a week before, suffered a mechanical and had to pull off just after the start of the race.

Due to the heavy rains, the Eau Rouge, also called the Winamplanche stream, was higher than normal and while there was a bridge, riders often chose the water option with little hesitation. Often to a very wet detriment.

After completing and winning the race, Maxime Dony admitted that he almost didn’t participate because of his hate for riding in mud.

Joris Massaer finished in 2nd place, Wim de Bruin in 3rd and Mountain Team rider Gerben Mos, in 7th place.

The following race, Raid des Hautes-Fagnes, takes place on 23 June 2024.