About Us


Welcome to the Magic of ASS MAGIC

In 2014, in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, the journey of ASS MAGIC began. We saw the need for a superior quality chamois cream that didn't compromise on affordability. With the support of friends and fellow cyclists, we crafted and refined our product, eventually bringing ASS MAGIC to life.

Our Core Principles

The essence of ASS MAGIC lies in four core principles: Athlete Comfort – ensuring comfort for every adventure, Product Innovation – consistently refining our MAGIC formula, Product Safety – crafting a cream safe for your skin and kit, and MAGIC – creating a secret barrier that's an essential part of every quest.


Premium Ingredients for Optimal Comfort

ASS MAGIC is a unique blend of lanolin and beeswax, designed to minimize chafing and maximize comfort during sporting activities. The inclusion of Tea Tree oil and Zinc Oxide are pivotal to our cream's antibacterial and skin repair properties.

Quality You Can Trust

Produced in an ISO 22716:2007 registered facility, ASS MAGIC upholds the highest international standards and best manufacturing practices. With our roots in Cape Town and a European base in the Netherlands, we're spreading the magic of our beloved product across the globe.


The Magic in Every Adventure

We aim to offer a superior anti-chafe cream, ensuring comfort for all your indoor and outdoor sporting activities. With ASS MAGIC, every adventure is transformed into a magical experience.

Initially crafted for cyclists, ASS MAGIC has evolved to be the trusted choice of endurance athletes across various sports disciplines. Ready to experience the magic?