How do I use Chamois Cream?

The unspoken savior of cycling, chamois cream. Often a topic avoided amongst newbies and professionals alike, but the reality is that most of us use chamois cream and it can go a long way in improving our riding experience.


First of all, what is chamois cream? Simply put, chamois cream is an anti-chafe, normally also anti-bacterial cream applied before cycling to improve comfort.


How do I apply it?


There are two methods, the first being to apply the cream directly to your bum. When we say to your bum, it needs to be applied to the area which you have direct contact with the saddle. Without getting too graphic, this is normally the area at the top of your legs, under your bum cheeks and the perineum, google it if you’re not sure where that is.


Perhaps the older school method is to apply the chamois cream to your chamois of your cycling shorts. Again, the focus would be to the areas in which your skin has contact with the saddle.


Typically for each method of application, one would use between 5 – 10ml of chamois cream, or one to two full teaspoon size scoops of cream. While you certainly need to make sure you have enough cream applied, there is no need to overdo it.


Erik Zabel's Soigneur applying chamois cream to his chamois in Hell on Wheels, too much cream? We think so.


Do I need to do anything after the ride?


We recommend getting into a shower sooner rather than later, personal hygiene is the name of the game. Getting out of your cycling shorts as soon as possible reduces the risk of saddle sores. Any excess chamois cream will wash off with soap and warm water in the shower.


Bonus tips:


  • Sun cream before bum cream. It rhymes so it’s easy to remember.


  • Wash your hands before applying sun cream or chamois cream.


  • Chamois cream can also be applied to any skin folds or areas where there is skin on skin contact such as under your arms or inner thighs as this is also typically where chafing can also occur.


  • Get your own, chamois cream is not something one should normally share, again this relates to hygiene matters.


  • Finally, Don’t Double Dip.



If you haven’t used chamois cream before and are interested in giving it a try, check out our range here.