Supporting the ILoveBoobies Imagine Challenge over Breast Cancer Awareness month

Imagine being the person who saves someone else’s life.

If you entered the ILoveBoobies Imagine Challenge this October or purchased merchandise from their spectacular range of active or leisurewear, then you possibly have.

To date, 7936 screenings have taken place because of your purchase. That’s 7936 people who have benefited from being screened for breast cancer.

Every year 47000 women should be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in South Africa, it is estimated that just 10000 are. Why? Because the majority of women who die from breast cancer live in low and middle-income countries, where most women are diagnosed in the late stages due to a variety of factors.

Started in 2016, the ILoveBoobies Charity was incorporated with the mandate to educate and perform clinical screenings for South African women who have limited funds and access to medical facilities.

By encouraging an active lifestyle, ILoveBoobies generate their funding through merchandise sales, events, their ambassador programme and donations. This all started with public requests on where they could buy socks to support the cause.

This October, the ILoveBoobies Imagine Challenge, a virtual sporting event fundraiser held during Breast Cancer Awareness month, aimed to hit 3000 entries and 5 000 000 minutes of accumulated exercise minutes between all participants.

To date they have received 4000 entries and racked up 2 138 160 million minutes of exercise. With just over a week and a half till the end of the month, we are eager to see if we will experience a big finish line push over the 5mil minute goal.

We have been very proud to be involved and will continue to support such a great initiative.

To our proud ASS MAGIC supporters, thank you for making a difference, and supporting one of our favorite charities.

For more information, visit their website.